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A criminal record can be a constant obstacle to a better life. Convicted or not, just being arrested can have serious consequences for a person. Fortunately, Florida law provides a way to clean your arrest record through record expungement or record sealing.

How Do I Clean My Arrest Record?

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Record Sealing Or Expungement Eligibility

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Online Application

Online Application for Sealing or Expungement of a Florida Criminal Record

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Background Check

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Overturn a Conviction

Overturn (Vacate) a conviction

Overturn (Vacate) A Criminal Conviction

A criminal conviction will prevent you from a seal or expunge of your arrest record. Overturn Conviction >

Seal My Record helped me get rid of an embarrassing case that I had on my record over 10 years ago. Since the record was sealed, I have not had…

John S. – Tampa, Fl.

I went to Seal My Record because a friend had referred me to them. I had a felony case from years ago that was making it very hard to get and keep…

Winston C., Coral Gables, Fl.

Like many teenagers visiting Florida, I got arrested in the 90's during spring break. Little did I know the pain that was going to cause me.…

Todd W – Savannah, Ga.

I actually wanted my record sealed not because of job problems, but because I just didn’t like people being able to access information about…

Tanya L. – Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
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