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Do I Qualify To Have My Criminal Record Sealed or Expunged?

There are very rigid guidelines for qualifying to get your Florida record sealed or expunged.

Criminal record sealing and record expungement qualification criteria.

Qualify for seal or expungement of criminal record The benefits of sealing or expunging your arrest record are TREMENDOUS. Unfortunately, not everyone meets the criteria to qualify . The rules to qualify and be eligible to get your record sealed or expunged are not very flexible.

Our law firm will make sure you qualify before we ever start charging you a penny. If you do qualify to get your arrest record sealed or expunged, we will make the whole process simple and painless. If you dont, there may be options to consider. See our "Overturning (Vacate) a Conviction" page to find out more.

Guidelines to qualify for record sealing or record expungement:

  1. You have never previously been found guilty of a misdemeanor, felony, or criminal ordinance violation either as an adult or a juvenile. (See our "Overturning a Conviction" page if you have ever been convicted or adjudicated for a crime. There may still be hope to seal or expunge your arrest record.)
  2. You have never had a criminal record sealed or expunged before.
  3. You are not currently under court supervision (probation, community control, etc.)
  4. If you received a withhold of adjudication for your offense, your offense isn't one of the crimes listed in the "Which Crimes Do Not Qualify For Sealing and Expungement" Page section of this website.

However, if you were found not guilty, your charges were dismissed, or the charges were never filed, then you can expunge the record even if your crime is listed in the "Which Crimes Do Not Qualify For Sealing and Expungement" Page.

Still not sure if you qualify?

Advantages of sealing or expunging your Florida arrest record

  • Keeps the record of your arrest and/or court case out of the public record!
  • Allows you to LEGALLY deny or fail to acknowledge that you were arrested for the incident which you sealed or expunged.
  • Protects your privacy and may allow you to take advantage of job, school, and other opportunities once closed because of your arrest record will no longer be public.

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