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How Much Does Record Sealing or Record Expungement Cost?

The cost of sealing or expunging your criminal arrest record is relatively inexpensive compared to opportunities that you may be forced to pass because of that arrest record showing up in background checks.

Do not let the cost of a record seal or record expungement hamper your future. You will lose a lot more in the long run.

Cost to Seal or Expunge in Florida

Our fee to seal or expunge your arrest record is $679.00. This is a FLAT FEE. This means all costs and fees are included. This flat fee covers:

  1. The attorney’s fee (our fee for doing the work and appearing on your behalf).
  2. This fee includes sealing or expungement of multiple cases if your situation qualifies and requires sealing/expungement of multiple cases.
  3. Clerk of Court fees for all required certified documents.
  4. Florida Department of Law Enforcement application fee.
  5. Seal/Expunge State and Court fees which are paid when the final documents are filed with the court.
  6. All travel costs.


You will find that our fee is among the most competitive anywhere. Most law firms charge between $900-$1500.00 for a record sealing or expungement and charge you extra for attorney travel, mailing costs, copying costs, etc. We doubt you will find a lower flat fee. If you do, let us know and see if we can beat it.

NEW!!! We know the economy has hurt everyone's finances. To make it easier for you, we have introduced a new payment plan. with the new payment plan, you now have the option to pay in 3 easy, interest free payments of only $226.33. If it is still difficult for you, we can work with you.

Feel confident that your case will be handled exclusively by an experienced sealing and expungement attorney and not some paralegal or secretary.

Get your life back and secure your future! When all is said and done, sealing or expunging your criminal record is one of the best investments you can make in your future. All those years of school and job training may not get you the job you want if you have an arrest record holding you back.

$679.00 is our FLAT FEE for sealing and expungement of any case. This covers ALL fees and costs associated with the sealing or expungement of your case.

If you still owe costs or fees on your case imposed by the court after your case closed or after you took a plea, you are responsible for paying those. Those fees and costs must be paid before the final seal or expunge hearing or the court will not seal or expunge your case.

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I went to Seal My Record because a friend had referred me to them. I had a felony case from years ago that was making it very hard to get and keep a decent job despite the fact that I had a college degree. Another lawyer told me he couldn’t seal my felony case because I had been previously convicted of a traffic misdemeanor. Seal My Record was able to have the traffic conviction removed so that I could seal my felony case! What other lawyers said couldn’t be done, Seal My Record did. It has made all the difference in my life and the life of my family. I am grateful to this law firm helping have a second chance at a good prosperous life.

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