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Self-Help Do-it-Yourself record sealing and expungement in Florida

I am often asked if record sealing and expungement is something someone can do themselves. The correct answer is yes. The practical answer is, should you?


As in any legal matter, a person in this country can certainly represent themselves. Many people in this country accused of a crime choose to represent themselves. In most cases, the results are not good. There is an old saying in the law, "a person who represents themself has a fool for a client".


Can SealMyRecord.Com seal or expunge a case for me outside of Florida?

Unfortunately, no. We are a Florida law firm only as Attorney Nicolas Babinsky is only licensed in Florida. We do not accept seal and expunge cases and farm out the work to anyone else. We do all our own work unlike many online seal and expunge websites you see on internet who will take your case,, take your money,  and farm out the work to another lawyer.


Can I seal/expunge my record or case in Florida if I live out of state?

Yes. If you retain the services of an attorney, you will likely not have to appear for the final seal/expunge hearing in person. Your attorney (us) will appear on your behalf.


SealMyRecord.Com can seal or expunge your case in any county in Florida. You do not have to be present in the county, state or even the country to get your case sealed or expunged. We have sealed and expunged many cases for tourists, students, people who have moved, etc. who have been arrested while living or visiting Florida.



Due to the economy downturn of a few years ago, our firm has lowered our fees and are now offering a payment plan to our clients. In most cases we can offer complete seal and expunge services for only $495.00. This $495.00 fee includes all attorney’s fees, costs for certified copies, state fees, and court costs associated with the sealing or expungement of your case. Most final hearings are heard over the phone or done on paper.

Expungement/Sealing in Florida - Fees and Costs

How much does it cost to seal or expunge a case in Florida?

Sealing and expungement of a case in Florida is not an expensive legal procedure. Remember that you are investing in yourself for a lifetime! Usually, second chances in life can’t be bought. However, Florida law does allows to you to seal or expunge one case which does give you a second chance to have a clean public record.