Self-Help Do-it-Yourself record sealing and expungement in Florida

I am often asked if record sealing and expungement is something someone can do themselves. The correct answer is yes. The practical answer is, should you?


As in any legal matter, a person in this country can certainly represent themselves. Many people in this country accused of a crime choose to represent themselves. In most cases, the results are not good. There is an old saying in the law, "a person who represents themself has a fool for a client".


Record sealing is not complicated, but there are alot of rules, procedures, and documentation preparation that has to be prepared with correctly or your sealing or expungement may be delayed, rejected, or ultimately, not granted by the court.


Hiring an attorney to seal or expunge your case guarantees that your case will be properly handled. We know all the pitfalls and areas to look out for that may delay or endanger your sealing or expungement and also know who to call, when to call, and what to say to the various agencies that you will ultimately be dealing with. Also, we will do all the legwork for you such as calling the clerk's office for missing information that you may not have, obtaining the proper documents, properly preparing the application and other critical paperwork, and ultimately, go to court and argue your case for you so you do not have to go.


If we handle your record sealing or expungement all you need to do is complete the online application on We will mail you some paperwork you need to sign and notarize and also provide you with a fingerprint card that you need to have completed at any local police dept. Once you get those documents back to us, we take it from there to the end. We keep you advised of the process as it moves throught the system and ultimately we go to court for you.


If you call around, you will find that many criminal defense lawyers can charge anywhere from $1000.00 to even $2500.00 for a record sealing or expungement. We charge a flat fee of $495.00. If the judge requires an in person appearance by a lawyer at the final hearing, there is an additional $150.00 appearance fee. Most judges allow us to appear by phone at the final hearing so the $150.00 additional fee is not required. 


We have been doing record sealing and expungement work since 1995 and have sealed and expunged hundreds of cases for our clients all over Florida, the United States, and even overseas.


Please feel free to check out my credentials at SealMyRecord.Com. If you wish, you can also check the license status and discipline history of any attorney at the Florida Bar website at Go to find a lawywer and type in my name, Nicolas Babinsky. Location is Miami. You will find I have an impeccable record with the Florida Bar.


I look forward to representing you in the sealing or expungement of your Florida criminal case.