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Concealed weapons Permit in Florida - How does an expunge or seal of the record affect it?

By smradmin

There are certain crimes that will prevent you from getting a concealed weapons permit even if you are not convicted for them and get a withhold of adjudication.

For example:

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Can you expunge or seal a marijuana drug possession case in Florida?

By smradmin

Being arrested for possession of marijuana is one of the most common criminal offense in Florida. If you had 20 grams of less of marijuana you were likely charged with a misdemeanor. If you had more than 20 grams in your possession, you were likely charged with felony possession. You may have been arrested physically or the police officer may have even given you a PTA (promise to appear). A PTA is merely a summons that you sign promising to appear in court. If you don’t appear in court, the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. Read More

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