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Medical Marijuana in Florida - Will it ever come?

By smradmin

As of April 2012 this is the status of medical marijuana in Florida...


Medical marijuana legislation fails to advance in Tallahassee

The 2012 Florida legislative session has adjourned, and for the second year in a row, a constitutional amendment to allow medical marijuana in Florida was introduced, but never voted on. Rep. Jeff Clemens (D – Lake Worth), who introduced medical marijuana legislation last session, again introduced a bill in the House. Progress was made this session when Sen. Larcenia J. Bullard (D – Miami) introduced a companion bill in the Senate. This marked the first time that medical marijuana bills were filed in both the House and the Senate.

Had the proposal, HJR 353/SJR 1028, passed through both the House and the Senate in Florida, it would have gone to the ballot and before the people of Florida. The ballot question would have needed 60% support in order to become law.

This is, of course, unfortunate news, but patients and activists in Florida will not be discouraged and will continue to press for compassionate legislation. Please email your representative and senator, and ask them to support medical marijuana legislation in the future. With 81% support for medical marijuana, the Florida Legislature needs to start listening to their constituency. If you are a patient who could benefit from legal access to medical marijuana, or a medical professional who supports changing Florida’s law to allow for medical use of marijuana, please contact to see how you can help.


Bottom line, marijuana use, even for medical purposes remains illegal in Florida. A conviction or even a withhold of adjudication for marijuana possession in Florida can seriously affect your driver's license (suspension for 2 years). If arrested for marijuana possession, call us. There may be a way for us to attack the legality of the search and or arrest to have the evidence thrown out.


If you have a marijuana case on your record, call us about finding out if it can be sealed or expunged.

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