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Can a civil or non-criminal case be sealed or expunged?

By smradmin

Yes. Florida law does allow the sealing of a civil case as long as the need for confidentiality is shown. In a recent case, I was contacted by a person who had 2 civil domestic violence injunctions cases that he wanted to seal because they were affecting his employment and personal life. In that case, both the person who filed the injunction and the person whom the injunction was against wanted the cases sealed. It certainly helped that the petition to seal both cases was a joint petition and unobjected to.


Unlike criminal cases, the judge in a civil matter has a great deal more discretion in the sealing of a civil case. Therefore, the preparation of the petition has to be done very carefully and has to follow certain procedural rules. Failure to follow these rules or to properly prepare the petition will result in the denying of the petition. It is very technical in nature.


Fortunately, we were able to seal both domestic violence cases for our client and protect his privacy and future.


The most common types of civil cases that we seal are family law cases such as divorce, child custody, and domestic violence matters, however, any civil case is legally eligible to be sealed as long as certain strict criteria are met.


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